Saturday, January 3, 2009

O' MY GOD it's 2009!

Happy new year!! woo hoo

We just finished revamping our office, wow what n task, even though we kept it minimal it was a massive task!

We went away in the end for almost two weeks and returned 2 days ago, it was bliss doing a little road trip, we needed it so badly!! My basset [Tooi] is pregnant, we had her at the vet yesterday and she will be due in the next two weeks!! so excited to see the puppy bassets, my word they are going to be so damn cute!!!

Sorry for the first short post of the year, but work to do, work to do, I will own 2009 (all ready do)


Shelley Jane Ahrens said...

Your office space and black wall are uber cool! And woah, blog of the day, you should start making some money off of this! Well done! We had a rad time last night and your breyani was blimmin' delicious. Love to you, Romy. Luca, Van and Tooi. Let us know how she goes!

Ida said...

This might just be the cutest dog I've ever seen!

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