Saturday, January 3, 2009

O' MY GOD it's 2009!

Happy new year!! woo hoo

We just finished revamping our office, wow what n task, even though we kept it minimal it was a massive task!

We went away in the end for almost two weeks and returned 2 days ago, it was bliss doing a little road trip, we needed it so badly!! My basset [Tooi] is pregnant, we had her at the vet yesterday and she will be due in the next two weeks!! so excited to see the puppy bassets, my word they are going to be so damn cute!!!

Sorry for the first short post of the year, but work to do, work to do, I will own 2009 (all ready do)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Festive with a capital E

I have been so mad busy over the past 2 weeks I have neglected my blog! Work has been mad and we have been working like a sausage-machine!!! over drive! season is a mad rush and in our industry no holiday, well maybe just a little. it seemed like we weren't going to have a holiday little less than a week ago but we have busted our 'balls' over the past 2 weeks to enjoy the spoils of n proper South African summer!!!

This Friday. O'wow its tomorrow our last day of work for the year and 2009 looks like its going to be a really good year!!! so this will also be my last post for 2008 as i really need a holiday away from everything that is 2008 I am in a twilight zone officially from today it is no longer 2008 for me nor is it 2009 i am somewhere inbetween, and I promise to be a better blogger in 2009 but for now, MERRY MERRY AND HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Legit

I really won BLOG OF THE DAY!! I was skeptical at first but when i went on to the site here, my blog was at the top left corner under blog of the day. here is a picture I had to snip!!


I received a email today, I won this award of 'blog of the day'. wowee!! Is this legit? really? I've never won something like this? I am flabbergasted ...
My mom would be so proud!! haha

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday delight

It's such a beautiful Sunday morning in Cape Town... over 30 deg Celsius and a light cold breeze just to break that intense African heat. I'm sitting on my couch and missing places I have never been to, a strange feeling.
Romy is up stairs and just got out of the bath with our little Luca, think we might take our bassets to the beach today, maybe a little too hot for that!
Most of our friends are on holiday, Steve and Shelly went of to Steve's parents yesterday and will from there go on a awesome road trip, north, up the coast for the next 3 weeks, where they will meet up with old friend and family the envy... Romy and I wanted to do a road trip ourselves but due to our company, we will not be able to...
The rest of our friends are all ready on holiday, also off to their parents and just consumed by this awesome weather doing their thing, a few, like us, will still be working up until Christmas.

I will be soaking up this amazing day, off to the beach, even though it might be too hot...

Luca and the bassets (Van-left and Tooi-right)
Our house, notice the lemon tree

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New York vs Cape Town

I just read about home swapping on this lovely blog, Marvelous Kiddo. Please read this sorry here about her amazing surprise birthday trip to Paris.

I long to go to NYC... I have wanted to go for a very long time, I did a European trip in 2004 that lasted almost 3 years. I think I will defiantly look into this home swapping business, when I stayed in London I am sure there was a TV show called Home-Swapping about, you guessed it, home swapping.
If you know of someone that stays in NYC that would like to do a home swap with me please send me a email :)!! we live in Cape Town, South Africa...

It must be awfully weird meeting somebody online and swapping houses with them? only one way to find out!!

here are a couple of pictures, beautiful and colorful Cape Town... just to entice you, think about it
View this great blog about cape town here

The V & A Waterfront at night
Air Shot of Clifton 4, there is also a 1, 2 and 3

Air shot of the whole south Peninsula