Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday delight

It's such a beautiful Sunday morning in Cape Town... over 30 deg Celsius and a light cold breeze just to break that intense African heat. I'm sitting on my couch and missing places I have never been to, a strange feeling.
Romy is up stairs and just got out of the bath with our little Luca, think we might take our bassets to the beach today, maybe a little too hot for that!
Most of our friends are on holiday, Steve and Shelly went of to Steve's parents yesterday and will from there go on a awesome road trip, north, up the coast for the next 3 weeks, where they will meet up with old friend and family the envy... Romy and I wanted to do a road trip ourselves but due to our company, we will not be able to...
The rest of our friends are all ready on holiday, also off to their parents and just consumed by this awesome weather doing their thing, a few, like us, will still be working up until Christmas.

I will be soaking up this amazing day, off to the beach, even though it might be too hot...

Luca and the bassets (Van-left and Tooi-right)
Our house, notice the lemon tree

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