Monday, December 1, 2008


I have not blogged in almost a week, feels like there is not enough space on this blog to write what’s on my mind!!
I have found new meaning to the word Grateful... This week has [again] been challenging, emotionally, on the professional and personal field, my professional life is also my personal life...
My life partner and mother of my Awesome son is also my business partner... it gets difficult at stages, when stress and pressure is involved it’s not just business even though we try our absolute hardest not to make it personal, but I am grateful

I am grateful for:

Luca, my son
New friends
South African weather
Cape Town
Table Mountain
My basset hounds
My home
*Hate [because without hate there can be no love]
Skinny jeans
Rock ‘n Roll
Sea Food

This list can go on and on but these were the first to come to mind...

*my opinion

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