Thursday, December 4, 2008

New York vs Cape Town

I just read about home swapping on this lovely blog, Marvelous Kiddo. Please read this sorry here about her amazing surprise birthday trip to Paris.

I long to go to NYC... I have wanted to go for a very long time, I did a European trip in 2004 that lasted almost 3 years. I think I will defiantly look into this home swapping business, when I stayed in London I am sure there was a TV show called Home-Swapping about, you guessed it, home swapping.
If you know of someone that stays in NYC that would like to do a home swap with me please send me a email :)!! we live in Cape Town, South Africa...

It must be awfully weird meeting somebody online and swapping houses with them? only one way to find out!!

here are a couple of pictures, beautiful and colorful Cape Town... just to entice you, think about it
View this great blog about cape town here

The V & A Waterfront at night
Air Shot of Clifton 4, there is also a 1, 2 and 3

Air shot of the whole south Peninsula


Leigh said...

Visiting South Africa is a dream of ours! At this point another trip to a faraway place is not in the works (or budget!) but we should stay in touch in case a NYC-Cape Town swap could work out one day! Thanks for reading my blog :)

Legend By Day said...

we will definably stay in touch! We are aiming for later in 2009... :) your blog is more than just a read, its inspirational