Friday, November 7, 2008

back to minimal

This is a really cool idea I found on my absolute favorite website, for a simple yet very visually stimulating wall display.
Bookshelf's play a big part in my life, even though I don't own one, I have hundreds of images stowed away in a folder that I look through and add new one's on a weekly basis.

A bookshelf speaks, or should speak a thousand words, no pun intended.

Hope you (even though I don't think there are any of you yet) have a amazing weekend.. I have my sons first birthday party up tomorrow and will post some images and news of the event in the week to come as it is promised to be a jolly good 'ol pirate party!

Here are a couple more bookshelf's... enjoy.

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Shelley Jane Ahrens said...

Welcome back Waldo. I hope your blog becomes a space where you as a humble man, an MD, a father, a partner, and the inner you all have lots of fun with lots to say. I will be reading...