Wednesday, November 12, 2008

illustrator of note

For a whole two years i have had this illustration in my 'image dump'.

It even featured as my 'wallpaper' for a good couple of months.
Last night Romy was sitting next to me surfing cyberspace and she asked me if these illustrations are not done by the same illustrator as the one I have been cherishing for so long?

It turns out that her name is Sylvia Ji.

She has a very distinctive style, the way she uses wood textures are amazing, i adore her work.

I have a strange love for Mexican Sugarskulls, i think that is one of the main reasons why i like her illustrations so much. see picture below!

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Shelley Jane Ahrens said...

Wow! These illustrations are so interesting and I think those are the coolest skulls ever. Very, very rewarding post, thank you! Please comment again? If it is not a tune..mwehe.