Thursday, November 6, 2008

one year later.

It's almost exactly a year ago that I deleted my blog. life interfered.
I have in the past 12 months started a fashion company, rediscovered myself, found my real love, made amazing acquaintances and friends, and the biggest achievement I have made to date, I became a father to the most beautiful son that has ever graced the face of Mother Earth. Luca, the amazing.

I am back and more alive than ever before, I have emerged in a completely different scene and look forward to sharing this new chapter. a humble life.

I had a exhilarating day today, me and my partner (also my lover, girlfriend and everything inbetween) had the privilege of spending a day together in our office for the first time since we have moved it to the new house.
The office is a amazing minimal style loft above our double garage, we still need to do allot of work to it as the staircase is this really dodgy ladder that is officially a safety hazard, wonky and missing a couple of steps... The inside is mostly raw wood, not sanded down nor painted, I like the feeling to it but would prefer it all to be painted white except for the floor which only needs a good couple of coats of varnish to bring out the natural beauty.

We have been busy for the past 2 months with production on a order we are exporting to a neighboring country, the garments turned out so beautiful it was sad to see the shipment leave. Hands on for almost 8 weeks, not really seeing a final product makes you feel that there is no progress being made which just applies more pressure and stress. till the final day, when you look at a room full of finished garments, all the boxes are packed, sealed and labeled, 8 weeks of stress still sitting in the back of you mouth just slides down your throat...

Anyway, its over now and on to the next adventures project. Romy (my partner) is starting a new line for a little store on Long Street called Mungo and Jemima.
This is a really neat little store with a amazing vibe to it. I am looking forward to Romy doing what she does best, creating beautiful things.
I on the other had will be driving a new mens label, just need to find a retailer, as men in South Africa dont shop, sad I know. I would like to open a store in the very near future, but we will be holding on to that idea for a while as we just want to grow the company a little more!

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